Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eurocom 15.6-Inch Racer Notebook Gains Support for DDR3 1866MHz Memory

Eurocom has just announced that its 15.6-inch Racer notebook can now be configured to feature 16GB of DDR3 memory running at 1866Mhz frequencies, making it one of the first companies to support such high-speed memory models in their laptops.

The DDR3 sticks used are manufactured by Kingston and are part of the company’s HyperX line that is targeting gamers and enthusiast users.“Adding support for Kingston's HyperX Plug-and-Play (PnP) DDR3 1866 memory is a natural progression for Eurocom,

Read more ... Extends Free 50GB Of Storage Offer To LG Owners As Well

Looks like Sony Ericsson Xperia owners aren’t going to be the only ones benefiting from the generosity of The company is extending the offer to LG lovin customers too. For those who download the official application and sign up for an account via their LG smartphone will get to acquire 50GB of online storage at no cost. The offer begins today and is good until March 31st 2012. You’ll need Android 2.1 or higher for the app to run properly and will also require a

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Samsung DoubleTime – do the two displays and low price make it worth considering

Samsung is easily the top smartphone maker at the moment – they have phones for every niche of the market, from the high end Galaxy S2 and its numerous variants to the mid-range Galaxy S (which was once a flagship and is still a very nice phone) and low end Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Pro. Moreover, unlike many other companies, all of Samsung’s products are pretty good, and none of them have any major drawbacks, making them a perfect choice for the targeted market.
Having been focused lately on

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nvidia’s 2012 Wayne SoC Could Pack Kepler GPU Cores Says Report

The next-generation of Nvidia Tegra system-on-a-chip (SoC) device, code named Wayne, could integrate a graphics core based on the company’s upcoming Kepler GPU architecture according to a recent report that has just hit the Web.

The report, which was published by Hardcore Hardware, cites the company’s commitment for bringing CUDA to the mobile space and the architecture’s support for the upcoming DirectX 11.1 API as the main reasons behind this decision.Other info was not provided, but

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Kindle Fire Gets Visit From CyanogenMod 7

If you are at all familiar with the rooting of Android devices and custom ROM’s, then I am sure you have heard of CyanogenMod and its CM line of custom ROM’s. CM7 has got to be one of the most popular Android custom ROM’s and can be found for both phones and tablets. The latest addition to devices seen running CM7 is the Amazon Kindle Fire. Although still in its early stages, XDA member, JackpotClavin, has posted a few images of his Fire running the CM7 ROM but it definitely needs more

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Sony Vaio F 3D – the ultimate entertainment laptop

Sony has always been good at making laptops, or any kind of electronics, really. But their Vaio line is the most well known in the computer world, and a lot of the times, it was compared to Apple’s MacBooks, while also being priced accordingly (in fact, a lot of Vaio laptops are still more expensive than MacBook Pros, believe it or not).
The Vaio F used to include relatively big laptops that could be used as desktop replacements, but were still small and light enough to be carried around –

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Enermax Outs More Platimax 80PLUS Platinum PSUs Topping at 1500W

After the introduction of the first models with 750, 850 and 1200 Watt ratings in October of this year, Enermax now continues to expand its Platimax series with five new PSU units that are also 80PLUS Platinum certified.

Enermax' Platimax series is now comprised from a total of seven models that are rated to provide between 500 and 1500 Watts of power, and all of these feature an advanced series of technologies meant to improve power delivery.One of the most important innovations introduced

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New Verizon Map List Out: DROID Bionic $199 On-Contract

Photo Courtesy of Droid Life

With today’s fancy new phones on the market, i.e. the Razr and soon-to-be (here’s hoping) Galaxy Nexus, it’s only a matter of time before the “Phone to rule all phones” becomes seasoned and drops in price. Well it appears that this is the case and Verizon is dropping the price to the DROID Bionic to $199 on-contract or $100 dollars less than two months ago.
Other noteworthy items include the original Xoom on sale for the holiday price of $199.99. It may

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HTC Jetstream – a great piece of technology art work – gadget review

It’s no secret that there are tons of companies coming out with the latest sort of tablet. HTC was not far behind and have recently launched the HTC Jetstream. Some are a little confused about the price of the Jetstream, which is rolling in at around $700 dollars. No one knows if the average person can afford that or not. However, with 700 MHz speed it may be enough to convince you to purchase the newest tablet on the market.
If you are new to the computer world, then you may be concerned

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Intel 8-Core Sandy Bridge-EP Benchmarks Make Appearance

Now that Intel has launched its first desktop processors based on the high-performance Sandy Bridge-E architecture, the chip maker is racing to get out the Xeon version of these CPUs and the first benchmarks showing the performance of such an 8-core SKU have recently made their way to the Web.

The chip is question is actually an engineering sample processor based on the Sandy Bridge-EP core and its performance was put to the test in both 3DMark 11 and CineBench R11.5.In both of these

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Motorola Brings MT917 RAZR Variant, XT615 to China

By now I am sure many of you have heard about Motorola’s DROID RAZR variants, packing 13MP cameras. It looks like Moto just made one of those official, the MT917, and will now be available to customers in China along side the previously mentioned XT615.
The MT917 is the RAZR look-alike that has Kevlar backing and a 4.5-inch Gorilla Glass display with a 720 x 1280 resolution. One fancy upgrade the device received was the addition of a 13MP camera, a pretty impressive spec as far as phones go.

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Portege Z835 – Toshiba shows everyone that an Ultrabook can be affordable

Toshiba has been on the computer market since the early days, and they have definitely built up some know how in the area. They’re currently known best for their cheap and durable business laptops, as well as their desktop replacements and gaming laptops (the Qosmio series), which are among the best in class.
Of course, the company couldn’t stand aside and not get into the new Ultrabooks niche, especially when they have a lot of previous experience in the area, having already brought out a

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Graphene Can Become Ink for Printers

Graphene is showing off its wonder material properties yet again, this time actually demonstrating, or being demonstrated to, have what it takes to liquefy.Granted, liquefy might not be the correct word, since graphene is more of a molecular compound than anything else, so terms like solid, liquid and gaseous don't really apply at that level.

Nonetheless, when speaking of a compound that is supposed to revolutionize technology by taking the place of silicon, and a lot of other materials, that

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[Leak] Photos of the HTC Ville Emerge, Thinnest HTC Phone to Date

Remember the interesting HTC Ville we mentioned earlier this month? Well, a new image of the device popped up that appears to be an official rendering of the device showing its sexy brushed aluminium exterior and wrap-around display. If you ask me, this new picture looks a hell of a lot more promising than the generic one we reported on earlier.
According to Pocketnow, HTC’s upcoming little sexpot will measure in at just under 8mm thin and will run Android 4.0 and Sense 4.0 pushed by a

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Fujifilm FinePix Real 3D W3 – one of the best point and shoot 3D cameras on the market

For better or for worse, it looks like 3D is here to stay. Manufacturers are pushing it quite heavily, even though neither consumers nor businesses don’t really see the point of 3D as it is right now (maybe if it was immersive and holographic, then it would be more useful ). The biggest players in the field – Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and XPanD even created an alliance to promote the technology, so they’re definitely serious about 3D everywhere.
And obviously, after 3D TVs and laptop

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Kingston Says SSDs Will Get Cheap Enough in 2012

Troubled times are upon the IT industry, or at least the storage segment, but Kingston thinks at least one type of storage device is in for good things starting next year, 2012.The solid state drive market could reach its green pastures, so to speak, in about nine or ten months.

Though NAND Flash memory isn't all that affordable now, it definitely isn't going to stay so expensive forever.After all, that would be counterproductive, particularly when it would prevent the solid state drive

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Panasonic Wants a Piece of the Smartphone Action Outside of Japan

Panasonic is known for making popular electronics that have been adopted throughout the entire world, and strangely enough the huge electronics manufacturer hasn’t offered up its line of smartphones outside of Japan since 2005.
A recent report claims that Panasonic has teamed up with a new marketing firm in Europe that aims to push Android smartphones beginning in spring of next year. Word has it that the outreach wont stop there, and plans are to continue into North America and Asia with

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Motorola Xoom 2 – will the successor to the first Honeycomb tablet fare better?

Motorola has been pretty successful lately, with the Droid X2, Droid 3 and Droid RAZR being welcome by a lot of people around the world. They’ve also been acquired by Google, and while we don’t know what awaits them in the future, representatives said that they will continue producing handsets and tablets as usual.
Speaking of which, they weren’t very successful at their first attempt to enter the tablet market – despite good critic reviews, the Xoom, which was the first tablet to run

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A Quick Path to Your Files and Folders

In this world of speed, of programs developed for fast usage, an application named SideFolders appears as a time-saving tool. Its role is to give you quick access to the Sidebar, while positioned on the left or right side of your Mac's screen.More than an alternative of the popular Finder, SideFolders will provide instant access to your files if you drag and drop them to SideFolders’ window. In addition, the app will allow you to organize your files and folders in a logical order rather than

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Intel Ivy Bridge Launch Schedule Reportedly Unveiled

In 2012, Intel is expected to release its first chips based on the upcoming 22nm Ivy Bridge architecture and recently a report has come to reveal that the initial launch of these chips will take place in April, with more CPUs arriving in Q2 and even Q3.

Previously, all we knew about the launch date of Ivy Bridge processors was that Intel wanted to go for the March/April timeframe, with some recent rumors claiming March is a more likely release date.However, according to CPU-World, Intel will

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HTC G1 Gets Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Port [Courtesy of XDA]

It seems that some crafty developer has set out to prove Google and HTC wrong by showing them that it is possible to run ICS on devices that have “incompatible hardware”. Some fella going by the name jcarrz1 over at XDA has posted a video showing the oldschool HTC G1 of all devices, running a build of the latest Android 4.0 software.
As you will notice in the video below, the G1 seems to be struggling fairly bad at completing rather menial tasks such as swapping from screen to screen and

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Panasonic Toughpad A1 And B1 – bringing true ruggedness to the tablet market

The tablets market has been developing pretty well, with a few major releases in the past year that have established new standards in the industry, with the iPad 2 and several Honeycomb tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (with its impressive Super AMOLED Plus screen) being the most important ones.
But while a lot of tablets are marketed towards field workers, most of them aren’t really field material – one drop and your screen is gone (although the rest may still work). Ruggedness is

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Intel to Detail 22-nm Ivy Bridge CPUs at ISSCC

At the 2012 ISSC (International Solid-State Circuits) conference, that is scheduled to take place in February of next year, Intel will disclose additional details about its upcoming Ivy Bridge processors based on the 22nm fabrication process.

The talks will focus on an entry-level Ivy Bridge desktop or notebook processor which uses four IA-32 cores, a graphics-processing core, memory and a PCI Express controller, all built on the 22nm fabrication node, according to EETime’s findings.Other

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Verizon Lands Trademark For ‘Hologram’ Name

It looks as though Verizon may be preparing to launch a new device sometime in the future with the name ‘Hologram’, as a recent trademark filing suggests. Although no specific details are known, Pocketnow suggests the possibility of a new 3D device.
With both AT&T and Sprint offering 3D handsets already, it would make sense for Big Red to join in the competition. Although we have no idea what kind of device this may be, handset or tablet, we may just end up seeing a re-branding of a

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Asus Transformer Prime vs the iPad 2 – looks like the iPad 3 will have some catching up to do

The iPad may have been the revolutionary device that started the whole tablet craze (and it still is the bestselling device in the niche), but what kept it going were the dozens of different Android tablets that followed soon after and expanded the market to include professionals, businesses and people who can’t afford the iPad. Many were hoping that the iPad 2 would change that and will give Apple complete dominance over the market, but that did not happen, even though the iPad 2 is selling

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nvidia Explains the Disappointing Tegra 3 Benchmark Results

The disappointing graphics performance showed by some recent benchmarks run on Tegra 3 powered tablets have raised quite a few questions about the power of the Nvidia built-in GPU used in this SoC, so the chip maker has recently released an official statement detailing these results.

The response came from Nvidia Poland and basically calls today's GPU benchmarks unfit for testing the performance of its graphics cores as they rely on low resolution and low complexity scenes for its

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[Leak] Photos of 5-Inch Lenovo Tablet Imerge, Another Phablet on the Horizon?

An anonymous tipster recently dropped some interresting photos in Engadget’s inbox depicting whats thought to be a dual-core 5inch tablet from Lenovo. This pint sized tab is said to marketed under the LePad brand in China and also the IdeaTab brand for other locations.
Not much is known as far as specs go, but just by looking at the photos of the device, you will notice it has a micro-USB port, HDMI output, a front-facing camera and possibly three capacitive buttons (which means it will not

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HTC Rezound vs the iPhone 4S – Apple’s device is getting too old for this stuff

The iPhone 4S came out just recently, and while it was not the next revolutionary iPhone 5 that most fans were expecting (especially after so much time without an update), it is a decent smartphone. But decent doesn’t really cut it nowadays, and if you want to stay in the business on the mobile market, you need to bring out the best you’ve got. This didn’t really apply to Apple until recently, but it’s starting to catch up with their iDevices, too.
It’s almost unfair to compare the

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Monday, November 21, 2011

I-O Data Launches USB 3.0 to DVI Adapter Powered by DisplayLink

I-O Data is known for its storage devices, but it released something a bit different this once, specifically the USB-RGB3/D USB 3.0 to DVI display adapter.Where SMSC created a USB 2.0 into 10/100 Ethernet device, I-O Data, using DisplayLink's DL-3100 chip for connectivity and virtual graphics, built a different sort of converter.Specifically, it created the USB-RGB3/D USB 3.0 to DVI display adapter, which is supposed to be the first USB 3.0 display adapter in Japan.

“The DisplayLink DL-3000

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Clove UK Receives SIM Free Galaxy Nexus Stock, Shipping November 22nd

Here’s something to make you stateside folks a little envious. The SIM free, carrier unlocked Galaxy Nexus is all ready to be shipped out tomorrow morning to those who already placed a pre-order. Clove is reporting that enough stock has arrived to fulfill all pre-orders and shipping will begin tomorrow morning and continue through Wednesday.
If you have been on the fence and a bit worried due to the reported EDGE/volume bug, no need to worry, Clove has said that this batch had an “initial

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HTC Rezound – HTC’s direct answer to the Droid RAZR and Galaxy Nexus

The past month has seen quite a few newcomers to the smartphone market, among which the Galaxy Nexus and the Motorola Droid RAZR that have impressed nearly everyone with the new specs. Things are moving quite fast, seeing as these two phones made the Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation seem like yesterday’s news, and of course, HTC needed to make their own next super-phone, which they promptly did with the new HTC Rezound.
The Rezound follows the same design cues as the HTC Sensation, with a bit of

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

AMD Radeon HD 7900 Release Dates and Pricing Leaked

We have known for quite some time now that the start of 2012 will mark the introduction of AMD's Radeon HD 7900-series of GPUs based on the Next-Generation Core (NGC) architecture, but recently a leak has come to unveil the approximate release dates and prices of these graphics cards.

The report comes from the SemiAccurate website and doesn't name its source so it must be taken with a grain of salt, but the release schedule provided seems quite plausible if you were to ask us.According to

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Initial Galaxy Nexus and Ice Cream Sandwich Benchmarks are in

With the UK launch of the Galaxy Nexus being just a few days ago, it wouldn’t be long before it was taken through the paces and the device’s performance was benchmarked. From a hardware perspective there really isn’t anything that the Nexus has that outshines other devices. It boasts a TI-OMAP 4460 chipset, and a ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore SMP, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor paired with LPDDR2 RAM. The GPU that’s used is the Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 540.
The software side of

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Blackberry London is official – the first QNX-based RIM smartphone will be here soon

image source: TheVerge
RIM has been going through some pretty tough times lately, with both their market share and stock going down like it’s sliding on butter, and even though they said they’re going to throw everything they’ve got at modernizing and releasing some new smartphones, tablets and other devices that will bring back their former glory, it didn’t look like there’s actually a lot of action going on.
But RIM has indeed been improving their products, with the newer

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Saturday, November 19, 2011

SSDs in RAID Get TRIM, Don't Lose Performance Anymore

Solid state drives are a rather bad choice for RAID setups, but the one reason that makes it so may not last much longer if Intel has anything to say about it.Intel has a certain technology called RTS, short for Rapid Storage Technology.

Owners of its solid state drives may or may not have downloaded the new Rapid Storage Technology (RST) driver Alpha.In the same manner, people may or may not have spent time reading through the release notes.Those who did, though, may have noticed

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Banzai Blowfish: A New Physics Puzzler That’s Different Enough To Excite [VIDEO]

A new game from developers Red Piston has some interesting gameplay. The story of the game goes King Hikari’s son has gone crazy and captured all of the Blowfish in Lake Fuji. It is now up to one heroic Fish to save his friends and restore order to the land. Though the 5 stages and 48 levels you will be pushing, catapulting, and dropping your hero fish through a stage to free a cadged blowfish. You’ll have to act fast though because as your hero moves through the level you will have to

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Friday, November 18, 2011

ARM Creates New GPUs and CPUs at New Factory

ARM has been doing a lot of things lately, but the latest act on its part, or one of them, was the setting up of a new production facility.ARM is said to have announced the opening of a new factory in Taiwan.

One thing the new design center will do is tighten the relationship with ARNM's Taiwan-based partners.TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) is the oldest, main collaborator in the region.Some time ago, the two made a deal which implied that TSMC would be developing physical

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Samsung Galaxy S II and LG Optimus 3D Already Receive ICS Port

Its only been a few days since the ICS ROM dropped and you can bet ROM builders have been awake ever since trying to successfully complete a port. Some dudes have already managed to port rather slick looking builds onto their Galaxy S II and Optimus 3D. That did not take long at all!
Now don’t go getting all excited thinking that you can already throw one of these builds onto either your SGSII or O3D. The crafty gentlemen have yet to release instructions and the SGSII doesn’t even have the

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Choosing a portable media player – iPod Touch, Galaxy Player or neither?

The portable media players market is currently dominated by the iPod family, but it’s not some Mafia-style reason like them holding up everyone, it’s a simple matter of lack of being the best in the field – there are quite a few competitors around, yet none of them have managed to release a product that is anywhere near as good as the iPod Touch, Nano, Classic or Shuffle. I don’t think it should come as a surprise, either – Apple really knows how to create great products.
But other

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Free Solution to Access the Latest News

The application comes with five available layouts, which change the way you view your news. Classic allows you to access the headlines in the main window; clicking them will open an additional window in the background containing a small preview.

The Widescreen layout basically works the same way as Classic, but is optimized for widescreen resolutions, and the preview window is moved to the right. List allows you to view the headlines, but in order to read them you must double click the

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Intel Xeon E5 Server CPU Performance Detailed

With the desktop version of its Sandy Bridge-E processors out and about, Intel is now focusing its attention towards the server version of these chips, the Xeon E5, and has recently provided the press with a series of new details about these CPUs.

Intel's Xeon-E5 processors are supposed to replace the company's current Xeon 5000-series CPUs and judging by the data provided by Intel these should deliver an impressive jump in performance.According to the Santa Clara chip maker, in synthetic

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AT&T Announces Prices For Upcoming Samsung, Pantech Devices

A few days ago we told you about three new phones to be released on AT&T November 20th, the Pantech Pocket, The Samsung Doubletime and Captivate Glide. All have entry level specs and because of that, we assumed that they would carry equally reflected price tags. Well, today AT&T confirmed our suspicions and announced how much each phone would sell for.
The Samsung Captivate Glide is the highest priced device only because it comes packed with a dual-core chip, dual cameras and a Super

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HP TouchSmart 620 desktop all-in-one with 3D display and camera

Desktop PCs are a dying breed, having been relegated to tasks that require much more processing power than even a quad core laptop can do (and there aren’t many of them – heavy HD rendering and CAD applications are the only things I can think of at the moment), gaming at the highest quality settings or heavy overclocking – otherwise, people just get a laptop.
The latest lines of desktop PCs all feature the computer itself integrated into the monitor – an all in one package, which makes

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Intel X79 Boards Are Compatible with 2012 Ivy Bridge-E CPUs Says Report

Introduced just at the beginning of this week together with Intel's first Sandy Bridge-E desktop processors, the X79 chipset is expected to be compatible with the chip maker's 2012 high-performance CPUs based on the Ivy Bridge-E architecture.

This information was provided by a user from the Chinese XFastest forum, who posted what appears to be an Intel slide which details the socket compatibility of the company's X79 chipset for LGA 2011 motherboards.According to this slide, users who buy an

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Google Officially Launches Google Music Service For Android, Updates Market & App, Also Adds “Artist Hub” (Video)

The anticipation is over and as most of you are well aware, Google officially announced the launch of its new Google Music Service. The event kicked off with a bang as they displayed a commercial touting the new service. I’ve always said that Google is known for reinventing the wheel, and when they do, they do it well. Google Music is no different and we’re pleased to see what the search giant has done with it. Adding incredible digital content, seamless integration with the

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HTC Radar 4G – yet another affordable 4G smartphone running Windows 7 Phone

The second generation of Windows 7 smartphones is already here, and while most of the phones are not all that impressive (mostly because of the last generation single core processors they’re running on, because Windows 7 Phone does not support multiple cores), at least they’re fast enough for any aps that are on the Market, as well as relatively affordable (the prices are probably lower because Microsoft wants to gain as many users and developers as possible before rising them).
One of the

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NVIDIA Tegra Powers 65-Inch Touchscreen Tablet

In an arguably stunning move, a company from Turkey has started talking with education and enterprise customers for the promotion of its larger-than-usual tablet device.Larger than usual is a massive understatement, though, since a diagonal of 65 inches is a higher number than people would expect of an HDTV, let alone an item that was supposed to be portable.

Portability isn't even a concern here, though, and there would probably be a high temptation to just label Ardic's device as a TV and

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Space Leap: A Gorgeous Looking And Atmospheric Sounding Space Puzzler

The premise is your planet is dying, you must navigate it through space collecting life essence to sustain life along the way. If you’ve played Rocket Bunnies before, the gameplay here will feel very similar to you. Your planet will be orbiting around a star’s gravitational field and you can “space jump” and slingshot it towards another star’s gravity. Along the way though, there are asteroid belts, weak gravitational fields on other stars, unstable exploding stars, and wormholes

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Nook Tablet – Barnes and Noble’s answer to the Kindle Fire

Barnes and Noble has been in the book selling business for quite a long time, even before the widespread use of the Internet, but the newcomer Amazon store basically overtook them in every aspect, including the number of books they feature and the number of sales they make, which left Barnes and Noble in quite a tough spot.
Obviously, they had to do something, and aside from improving their online store to compete with Amazon’s on website, they also released the Nook Color in response to the

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Avexir Core Series Memory Pulses with Light

G.Skill isn't the only company launching memory today, since Avexir is doing the same, although its own target market segment is somewhat different from the one of before.Rather than aiming for the absolute highest tier of the worldwide market, Avexir is, instead, looking at the bulk of the mid-range segment, the mainstream as it is otherwise called.

The Core Series is what it launched, though it is probably worth noting that the products have actually been public knowledge since Computex,

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Rumor Mill Churns Bad News For Galaxy Nexus Release

The rumor mill fired up early today when noted Verizon insider @P3droid tweeted that the Galaxy Nexus may be delayed past its expected November 21st launch date and pushed to December. Soon after, others interposed similar statements, attributing the bad news to Verizon’s want for more testing and working out some minor bugs. If you believe everything you hear out of the rumor mill, this is very bad news indeed. This next round of testing is said to end on November 19th, so while hope may

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Asus Transformer Prime – the first quad core tablet is already on its way

Asus has entered the mobile market quite a long time ago with their EEE PC line of netbooks – I’m sure most of you don’t even remember them , but they haven’t stopped innovating, and while they’ve basically been throwing new products to the wall to see if they stick, the Padfone, EEE Pad Slider and Transformer tablets have attracted quite a lot of attention and have stirred up the market a bit.
And now, they’re ready to take it to the next level, with the announcement of the new

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Top 5 Windows 7 smartphones to date

It’s been more than a year since Windows Phone 7 was officially launched, and with the latest Mango update (which brought along more than 500 improvements and fixes), it is finally mature enough to really start taking on the mobile OS market.
Right now, we’ve got the second wave of WP7 phones arriving on the market, but they’re not all that different than the first generation –the difference is mostly in the design and 400 MHz of processing power. Add to that the fact that the first

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Download NVIDIA Quadro/Tesla Display Driver 276.28 WHQL

NVIDIA has added a driver to its website, one developed for its collection of Quadro and Tesla professional GPU cards and computing accelerators (respectively).Normally, we could call it the newest, but its version name has left us a bit confused.

After all, it suggests that this is, in fact, an earlier installment than the 285.58 WHQL version that came out back in October.The official download page says that 276.28 was added on November 11, 2011 though.Either way, we have added the driver to

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Google to Hold Mysterious Event on November 16th

What on earth have we got here? Google just sent out private invites for an event in LA next Wednesday, November 16th at 2PM pacific/5PM eastern. It clearly states “these go to eleven”, a Spinal Tap quote referring to volume at full-blast. If you examine the invite even further, you will notice a few things: Android, T-Mobile and the Beatles. Now your guess about what will be announced at the event is as good as any at this point but I have a few myself.

It is very possible that Google

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Friday, November 11, 2011

LG Xnote P330 Is a South Korean Quasi-Ultrabook

LG would have been able to create a laptop more affordable than Ultrabooks by not submitting to the thickness rule, but it chose to go ahead and focus on performance instead.The machine that the company eventually put together is not exactly something that will show up all over the world.

Instead, it is restricted to stores from South Korea, for now at any rate.Then again, its price tag wouldn't really make it accessible to many people even if it was made available worldwide.The cheapest

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Verizon Galaxy Nexus Battery Cover and Battery Show Up on Samsung’s Website

A few days ago we noticed that Verizon retail stores started to receive a couple different cases already for the Galaxy Nexus. Well, today we are seeing that Samsung has now even added replacement batteries and battery covers onto their website as well.
Earlier in the month we had a little bit of hope that the actual device would carry as little branding as possible. Based on the pictures from Samsung’s website, we see that Verizon has added their obnoxious logo on top of the previously

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MenuPop - Have Your Menus Exactly Where You Need Them

MenuPop is a small application that intends to eliminate the extra mouse movement through a simple solution: it will display the menus at your current pointer location, and the activation is done via a mouse click or a keyboard shortcut. This may not seem much, but I am sure experience will point out just how useful such a tool can be.The LooksInitially, MenuPop presents itself as a status bar menu item that allows you to easily access the application’s preferences or the MenuEverywhere

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

High-End Coolink Corator DS-LGA2011 CPU Cooler Released

Coolink has announced a new cooler for central processing units that should already be found up for order online, at a price of $44.90 in the US and 39.90 Euro in Europe.The US price would normally translate into 33 Euro or thereabouts, but this is, once again, one of those cases where exchange rates don't seem to be reflected in reality all that well.

The Corator DS – LGA2011, as it is called, has four 8mm copper heatpipes, which is enough on its own to cement its high-end status.The

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Quick Review: Pulse News

The greatest thing about your smartphone or tablet is the ability to access news on the go. You can have the world literally at your finger tips and see news by opening a browser or an app. Now suppose you don’t want to go back and forth in your browser or have multiple news apps open, which could ultimately slow your phone down. Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one app which streamlines all of your favorite news sources in one simple interface? Well friends, you’re in luck– Pulse News

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5 smartphones you should consider if you want something affordable, yet powerful

There are over two dozen smartphones on the market today, and it’s getting increasingly harder to choose between them. With new ones coming out every six months, each one faster and better than the previous, it’s tough to decide whether you should go with a new high end smartphone, get a new affordable model or go with an older model that was high end a year ago (the latter is the best choice, by the way, but you lose in “coolness” using an older phone ).
Obviously, the best smartphone

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Molex Creates the First 100 Gbps Optical Transceiver

Light-based transmissions are seen as the next step in transferring data from one place to another and Molex just announced a chip meant to direct that very sort of operation.The single chip CMOS photonics-based 100 Gbps optical interconnect were made in collaboration with Luxtera.

Four 28 Gbps transmit and receive channels are powered by a single laser, hence the high rate.Currently, system architects and hardware designers are wrestling with the challenge of overcoming all the complications

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Samsung Illusion Shows Up on Verizon Infocenter

At the beginning of the month we saw a document from Verizon leading us to believe that we may see a new entry level phone from Samsung this month. The Samsung Illusion has once again reared its head but this time in the form of an official Verizon Infocenter page. An unknown source sent the above screencap to our friends over at Android Central and gives us a little more confidence that the device launch is just around the corner.
Although an entry level smartphone, the Samsung Illusion

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5 hardcore ways to make your smartphone better

A smartphone is a pretty self-sufficient device, and unlike a computer running a desktop OS, it’s pretty hard to improve or change the operating system or hardware of the device – aside from installing apps that extend what you can do with your smartphone, there’ seemingly nothing else you can do. Or is there?
As with any other technology that was made by humans, of course there’s a way to reverse engineer a smartphone’s innards (both software and hardware) and change or improve it

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

43% of All Laptops Will Be Ultrabooks in Three Years

Ultrabooks may not have impressed anyone with their shipment levels yet, but that doesn't mean they aren't going to do it later.It is the belief of IHS iSuppli that ultrabooks will rapidly catch on once they really start shipping next year.

This prediction is in something of a stark contrast with the initial sales of such laptops, which proved underwhelming at best.Then again, it wasn't so much competition from tablets or low specs that caused this slow start, as it was the high price that

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Gingerbread Officially Most Popular Android Version

Gingerbread is officially the most popular version of Android. Gingerbread (Android 2.3.x) is on 44.4% of all devices, passing Froyo (Android 2.2.x) which now accounts for 40.7% of Androids. Somewhat surprising is Eclair (Android 2.1.x), accounting for 10.7% of all Androids. Honeycomb– which covers tablets only– accounts for roughly 2% of all Androids. Considering Google’s upcoming sweet treat should theoretically work on any 2.3 device, you can’t help but wonder how it will eat at

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Droid RAZR vs Galaxy S2 – Motorola exceeds expectations on every front

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was released just a few months ago and has instantly become the flagship Android smartphone, even though its main competitor, the HTC Sensation had almost the same specs and a better build quality. But time doesn’t stay in one place, and we already have several potential competitors ready to take the flag from the S2. One is the Galaxy Nexus, of course – a phone that everyone was expecting, but the other one, which is actually even better, is the Motorola Droid

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Monday, November 7, 2011

iPhone 5 Screen Size Will Not Increased

Apple will not increase the screen size of the upcoming fifth-generation iPhone to compete with the next generation of Android devices, an analyst claims.

The company is widely expected to launch the iPhone 5 in October, introducing a self-assembled with new features including a redesigned form, better camera and wireless charging.

However, there are also rumors that Apple will increase the size of the handset screen in response to a new smartphone running the latest version of the

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Windows 8: 11 New Features You Must Know

Microsoft thinks you're tired of juggling multiple OSes, so that Windows 8 will combine the traditional Windows interface with Mango-flavored touch interface called Metro.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Start Screen of Windows 8

The new Start screen of Windows 8 lands you smack dab in the middle of Metro interface, with lots of apps and services loaded simultaneously.

Photo Credit: Microsoft

Internet Explorer 10 of Windows 8

Windows 8 will come with Internet Explorer

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Twitter Web Analytics Tool Released

How much website traffic you receive from Twitter? Twitter Web Analytics, a new tool was announced on Tuesday, will give help clarity some website owners who rely on information networks for content distribution.

Twitter Web Analytics is intended to provide website owners more data on the effectiveness of their Twitter integration. This is supported by BackType, corporate social analysis that Twitter acquired in July.

Twitter Web Analytics, describes the founding of BackType and new

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Nokia Lumia 800 Review

In a sea of ​​similarity, the Nokia Lumia 800 prominent with attractive solid polycarbonate unibody design. NFAA had the opportunity to review the black version.
"Unibody wonder"

Nokia Lumia 800 sure does not look like other phones. Made from a solid piece of colored plastic, beautiful 3.7-inch AMOLED screen phone up from polycarbonate plate. Design of polarization comes in cyan and magenta as well as black.
Nokia Lumia 800's Interesting internals

There are only two openings in

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Nokia Lumia 800 Review

In a sea of ​​similarity, the Nokia Lumia 800 prominent with attractive solid polycarbonate unibody design. NFAA had the opportunity to review the black version.
"Unibody wonder"

Nokia Lumia 800 sure does not look like other phones. Made from a solid piece of colored plastic, beautiful 3.7-inch AMOLED screen phone up from polycarbonate plate. Design of polarization comes in cyan and magenta as well as black.
Nokia Lumia 800's Interesting internals

There are only two openings in

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AMD's Upcoming 1090FX AM3+ Chipset Gets Detailed

In 2012, AMD plans to introduce a replacement for the company's current 990FX chipset for AM3+ processors that will bring a series of improvements meant to make it more competitive with Intel's upcoming 7-series platform controller hubs (PCHs).

The new chipset will be called the AMD 1090FX and it was just detailed in a leaked company slide that entered into the possession of the Donanim Haber publication.Judging by the information provided by the document, the most important feature that the

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Amazon Kindle Fire with 8.9-Inch Display On the Horizon

It looks like Amazon is at it again. After announcing the first Kindle Fire, there are strong indications of a second version on the way. Contrary to a 10.1-inch display as most expected, the second Kindle Fire version will likely have an 8.9-inch display. The Verge reports LGD and CPT, which supplies the displays for the first Kindle Fire are preparing production capacities for 8.9-inch displays found in what will be the second version as well. Amazon is certainly pulling no strings with

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Droid RAZR vs Galaxy Nexus – which one’s the real flagship phone now?

After Samsung and Google have just announced the Galaxy Nexus that is supposed to be the new flagship Android smartphone, Motorola (which is also owned by Google, by the way) was already hot on their trail with their Droid RAZR, which kind of took everyone by surprise and packs so many features that it leaves you wondering whether Google made the right choice by choosing Samsung to produce the Nexus.
Indeed, the Droid RAZR is an amazing smartphone and just about everyone can find something to

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

[Leak] Motorola Corvair – Android Tablet for Your TV Room

Motorola has sure been busy lately with the development of new Android tablets. A recent leak shows not only another tablet in the works, but an Android tablet/interactive TV remote combo thingy. The Motorola Corvair, as it’s being dubbed, is a 6-inch tablet designed for your TV room and apparently wants to make TV time more interesting.
Our pals over at The Verge got their hands on some leaked images and claim to know that the device is already being tested by cable providers. The packaging

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Motorola Droid RAZR vs iPhone 4S – is there even a comparison to make?

Apple has released their new flagship smartphone, the iPhone 4S, just recently, and to everyone’s surprise, after a year of waiting, they just pulled an iPhone 3GS move instead of releasing the next best device on the market. Still, the iPhone 4S is selling surprisingly well, with millions of people buying it off the bat, so I guess they’re doing something right.
On the other side of the OS pond, Google has just announced the Galaxy Nexus, which will be running the all new Android 4.0 Ice

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

AMD Axed a Large Portion of the PR and Marketing Departments

AMD did say it was going to lay off about 10% of its global workforce and, true enough, this really is happening rapidly, with two departments getting a particularly thorough thinning.The two departments of Advanced Micro Devices that saw the biggest workforce reductions are PR and Marketing.

This may not have become a widely known fact so quickly, if not for the publishing of the new CEO's e-mailed letter.“This action was necessary to rebalance our skillsets, drive to a more competitive

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Happy Birthday Android

It was 4 years ago today that Android was first introduced, and it has been one amazing ride from Android 1.1, Cupcake and all the way to the soon to be released Ice Cream Sandwich. For me personally, my first experience with Android was November 6, 2009, which was the day the original DROID was released. I am so thankful to be part of TalkAndroid, sharing my passion with each and everyone of you for the greatest mobile OS in the world. I am looking forward to many more wonderful years.
I will

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Pantech Breakout – Verizon’s entry level 4G LTE smartphone

4G LTE entered our lives kind of unexpectedly, with Verizon being the first network to announce it with great fanfare, and all the other networks following through. While not technically a real 4G network (in Europe, they call it 3.5G+), nobody stopped Verizon from using the name and so it stuck.
Regardless of the name, the speed increase is real – you can get up to 42 Mbps and 10 Mbps download and upload speeds, respectively. For some reason, however, there are a limited number of phones

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Friday, November 4, 2011

IBM Launches Solar-Power Array for Data Centers

IBM, finally built on all those promises of the IT industry that there would soon be solar-powered data centers, by inventing the first array meant to provide that energy.It is fortunate for the IT industry that solar cells and all the technology related to harnessing solar power has evolved.

It was all that progress that enabled IBM to successfully create its new solar-power array.This type of solution is supposed to help in the setting up of data centers in emerging markets where electrical

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus Now Shipping in the U.S.

The last we heard, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus wasn’t going to be available until November 13th but as it turns out, we will see it sooner than expected. After a successful pre-order launch, Samsung has decided to start shipping units to U.S. customers already, some should get them as early as the first of next week.
Although having a higher price tag, Sammy’s Galaxy Tab Plus will have stiff competition this holiday season with the recently announced Kindle Fire and Nook 2. Those who are

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Is the iPhone 4S worth the money or should you go with an Android smartphone?

The much awaited iPhone 4S has finally been released, and it turned out not to be the all crushing next generation smartphone from Apple, instead being just an upgrade to bring it up to speed with the other high end devices on the market. While that was a bit disappointing, the iPhone 4S is still a great smartphone on its own, with enough power and features to satisfy anyone.
However, if you’re considering buying a new smartphone, you might be stumped by the choice between Apple’s new phone

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Remove Unneeded Files with Ease

The first tab contains system specific data, and allows you to delete Safari information, as well as system application data. The second tab allows you to clean the cache and other data for any of the installed (and supported) apps.

The Works

The system data that can be removed by the application is pretty basic. For example, if you have Safari installed on your Mac, CCleaner will allow you to remove its internet cache, history, cookies, download history or the application cache. Be

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

AMD Radeon HD 7000 Launch Apparently Delayed to 2012

As we get nearer to the end of 2011, it seems like more and more sources are starting to imply that AMD's next-generation Radeon HD 7000 graphics cards won't actually get released by the end of this year, but instead will arrive in the first quarter of 2012.

This time, the information comes from the Rage3D website which cites some unnamed sources.According to these sources, the problems seem to come from the production side, possibly indicating that TSMC is having troubles with volume

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Already Rooted!

(image courtesy of MoDaCo)
We already know about the most anticipated Android phone of the year. Even though the first Ice Cream Sandwich masterpiece has yet to land in stores, it hasn’t stopped MoDaCo’s Paul O’Brien from tweaking the phone. The crafty developer has created a “Superboot” program which installs a specialized boot image to the Galaxy Nexus. The significance you ask? Since the program roots at start up, there’s no need to flash partitions, no need to overwrite the

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Galaxy Nexus vs iPhone 4S – Apple’s and Google’s Android flagship phones compared

Apple has finally released the much awaited next model of the iPhone, and it disappointed a lot of people with it – the new iPhone 4S is just a small improvement over the previous iPhone 4. Despite that, the sales seem to be going strong, and the 4S has pre-sold more units than the previous model – pretty surprising, but I guess Apple knows how to market and get the most out of an existing design.
Meanwhile, high end Android smartphones (that cost the same as the iPhone 4 and now, the 4S)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Upcoming 16-Core AMD CPU Already Chosen by Supercomputers

AMD made an official announcement in which it reveals that both existing and upcoming processors are being used in high-performance computing applications.Since HPC applications, supercomputers as it were, have become the core of any and all research efforts, AMD, naturally, wants to get contracts for as many as possible.

Its latest press release says that this goal was achieved in at least some measure.HECToR is one of the supercomputers based on AMD chips, Operated by the University of

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Duke Nukem 3D Updated, Removes Ads After Complaints

Things change quickly don’t they? We gave you the news yesterday that Duke Nukem 3D was available in the Android Market for 99¢ which by all accounts is a great bargain– with a catch. Those who purchased the game quickly realized the developer curiously included ads in the game menu, despite it being a paid app. Perhaps the developer heard our bellyaching and used that to prompt immediate changes for the game. Owners will no longer see ads running, which is always welcome. Now let’s

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Nokia Lumia 800 – is the first ”real” Windows 7 smartphone worth it?

You have most probably already heard about the Nokia-Microsoft partnership, in which the phone manufacturing giant will take Windows 7 Phone as the mainstream OS for all of their future smartphones. Microsoft is also supposed to let them customize the OS more, but it’s highly unlike that would happen.
And after almost a year of waiting and rumors, Nokia finally came forward with their first Windows 7 Phone handset, the Lumia 800, which they even went as far as dubbing “the first real

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NEC ML440 Handset for Mid-Sized Businesses Released

NEC may be best known, in some places, for its displays, but it definitely deals on many other things, such as, in this case, handsets.The NEC ML440 Multi-line Wireless Handset is not the type of portable electronic device that consumers are found using all over the place.

Instead, it is designed for the UNIVERGE SV8100 communications server and its purpose is to act as a portable assistant for mid-sized business employees.It operates in the 1.9 GHz wireless band, which makes the sound

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Optimus U1 could be first Ice Cream Sandwich phone for LG

Now that we know the Galaxy Nexus will be the first Ice Cream Sandwich phone, the question is what upcoming phones will launch with ICS as well. Well, we don’t know of any in the very near future, but the LG Optimus U1, which might launch early 2012, could be one of them.
We are expecting that phones launching with ICS won’t have hardware buttons, but the Optimus U1 does have one hardware home button. Also there are two faint dots where you would expect capacitive Android buttons to

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Galaxy Nexus – most of the rumors were true, after all

After the relative success of the Nexus One and Nexus S (especially among developers and people who wanted a phone that wasn’t limited software wise by any corporate policies), Google of course decided to continue releasing smartphones under the new brand, even going as far as announcing that the name for the next phone will be simply Nexus.
Well, the official information flow stopped after that, and the only thing that remained were the rumors people started spreading around like fire, a lot

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