Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Android Design V2 Now Includes Stencil Availability

Android Design has long been a developer favorite when it comes to the development of apps for the Android platform. While it is a great resource to use, developers have complained of the lack of stencils available. The Android User Experience Team has heard your cries and finally released some mockup stencils for any and every Android developer to use. The AUE team promises the stencils will feature the “rich typography, colors, interactive controls, and icons found throughout Ice Cream

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Tweak Every Decibel on Your Mac’s Speakers with SoundBunny

A tool that Mac OS X sadly doesn’t offer out-of-the-box, SoundBunny allows you to set the volume high for a movie or game you're playing, and set the volume low for your alerts and notifications, and so on.Sometimes the simplest pieces of software leave such a good impression that one simply must do a writeup and spread the word. SoundBunny is one of those apps.

The looksIt’s all smooth sailing after the imposed reboot as you install SoundBunny. You’re presented with this

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

HTC Endeavor (One X) And Ville (One S) Images And Specs Leaked Ahead Of MWC

MWC is here folks and the information seeping through the cracks have gone from leaks to downpours. After previously seeing some leaks, we now have (unofficial) details of HTC’s upcoming powerhouses. The One X (Endeavor) is slated to feature a quad-core processor (there are disputes as to whether it’s a 1GHz or 1.5GHz clocked speed), a beastly 4.7-inch screen, an 8MP camera and 32GB of storage. The One S (Ville) will feature a 1GHz dual-core processor, 4.7-inch display and 16GB of storage.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dual-Core OMAP 5 Blasts Past Quad-Core Tegra 3 in Web Page Rendering Demo

For those of you who think that dual-core is so last year then have I story for you. The video we have here shows the TI dual-core OMAP 5 application processor for mobile devices outpacing the quad-core Tegra 3 processor from Nvidia. For those that don’t know the OMAP 5 sports ARM’s new and improved Cortex-A15 CPU design. Nvidia’s processor does have four cores plus its additional specialized core but it’s based on the older Cortex-A9 CPU. For reference the Galaxy Nexus sports the

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ceramic Destroyer – Simple, Addictive, Destructive Fun

This game came out of no where! Released just days ago, the app has climbed to #4 in Top Free Apps on Android Market, coming in just after Facebook, Pandora, and Angry Birds. After downloading it myself, I can see why. Like Angry Birds, the game is easy to learn and increasingly addictive.

The objective is to destroy ceramic objects using a variety of specialized bombs. Yeah, what’s not to love there? The key, however, is to destroy it as much as possible. At least 90% obliteration is

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Intel Ready To Unveil Details Of Medfield-Powered Devices, Taps Motorola And Lenovo As Launch Partners

Intel could not hold itself much longer and has finally spilled the beans on its little project. Of course we already knew they were partnering with Motorola to bring the first of many Medfield-powered devices, but we now know the chipset maker will tab Lenovo as a launch partner as well. What this means is we will finally see some long-awaited devices formally introduced, perhaps as early as next week at MWC.
The devices will not fall short on features too. One of the major highlights of the

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Moneto NFC Kit and Android Market App Out Now for Select Android Devices

During CES this year we told you about Moneto, an NFC MicroSD card that gives NFC capabilities to the NFC-less. By using a microSD card with an NFC chip built in and its tailor made app you can use your phone to pay for purchases much like other NFC wielding phones. They first gave a 4-6 month timeline before we’d see these available but it appears thats the folks at Moneto are ahead of the game slightly. They have released compatible versions for the Galaxy S line of phones ranging from

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sony Releases Xperia SmartTags App in Android Market

We first reported about Sony’s SmartTags last month, and it looks as though the official SmartTag app is now available in the Android Market. This is not currently all that useful since you need to have a set of SmartTags and a compatible NFC-enabled phone. Right now, Sony’s SmartTag site lists the Xperia S as the only compatible phone, though we have to wonder how the Galaxy Nexus would fare since it also contains an NFC chip. The market page explains how SmartTags can be used:


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Notion Ink’s Adam Tablet has Ice Cream Sandwich Beta for Download

One month ago, Notion Ink had an alpha version of Ice Cream Sandwich for Adam users. As with most alpha versions, it was extremely buggy. Now, you can download the beta version. The GPS, graphics acceleration, 3G, USB, Youtube and Wi-Fi are working much better compared to the alpha version. However, the camera, light sensor and microphone are still not functioning as they work out the bugs. If you own one of these nifty tablets and would like a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich, hit up the link

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Three Samsung Phones Pass WiFi Certification, May Debut at MWC 2012

As the excitement for Mobile World Congress 2012 builds, there are many rumors flying around regarding what devices will be unveiled. Japanese website Ameblo has screen shots of three Samsung Android-based devices that have WiFi certification, the SGH-T999, the SGH-I535 and the SPH-L710. While Samsung had announced that it will not be introducing the Galaxy S III at MWC, they may still have one of these smartphones up their sleeve.
We’ve come across the SGH-T999 before, as it is most likely

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nova Launcher Graduates to Version 15, Brings Scrollable Folders and More

One of the first apps I make sure I have up and running every time I flash a new ROM is Nova Launcher. An ICS launcher replacement that I have been using since the first week I had my Galaxy Nexus, has just received a new update today already. Just recently, you may remember it was updated to version 14 and no longer required a system installation in order to get widgets in your app drawer. Although fairly easy for the experienced user to remedy, the update to version 14 definitely made the

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

LightSquared Network Application Facing Rejection Due To GPS Interference

LightSquared Network Application Facing Rejection Due To GPS Interference |

It appears that the LightSquared saga is one giant step closer to coming to an end. After recently requesting that the FCC become stricter on its GPS device standards, it’s reported that the FCC will be rejecting the company’s network application — inhibiting its ability to become a wholesale LTE network provider. This is all after the National Telecommunications and Information

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The XDA Android Hacker’s Toolkit is Available for Preorder

Jason Tyler, author of Google App Inventor for Android, has a new book on its way and you can pre-order it today. It’s titled, XDA’s Android Hacker’s Toolkit: The Complete Guide to Rooting, ROMs and Theming. For those of you ready to start hacking, but aren’t sure where to start, the XDA developer’s forum has long been a great resource. Tyler’s book presents it in a more easily approached manner, beginning with the basics.

“Providing a solid understanding of the internal

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Xvision an4 Tablet With Android 4.0 Coming to Japan in April

WSL Japan has just officially announced the Xvision an4 tablet and while the press release is in Japanese it appears that the device is gearing up for an April launch. If you haven’t heard of the company, don’t feel bad as most folks stateside haven’t. On the Asian continent though, they are known for their technology. There isn’t a price as of yet for this tablet but it boasts some decent features for being only 10mm (0.39 inches) thick. Here they are:
- 9.7-Inch 1024 x 768 resolution

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

FTL Launcher Takes Place Among Launchers, Argues It’s The Fastest Launcher You’ll Ever Run

The great thing about the Android UI is the ability to customize our launchers. Sure we’ve seen new and innovative launchers reflecting the awesome nature of ICS, but what about the rest of us who have Gingerbread 2.3 still? Well FTL Launcher is ready to vie for a spot on your Android device. Highlighted as “the fastest launcher you’ll ever run”, the launcher is based off the Gingerbread Launcher2 source code and features:

Tweaked for extreme speed
Fully accelerated 3D Waterfall app

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

DROID 4 Unboxing and Initial Hands On Review [Video]

It’s been almost 2 1/2 years since the original DROID launched on Verizon Wireless, which is when I fell in love with Android. Now the DROID 4 has arrived, which is a far cry from the original. For the original, the keyboard was one of those things you either loved or hated. Admittedly it wasn’t the greatest keyboard, but I liked it a lot. With each model, Motorola improved the keyboard, and now it just might be the hottest keyboard out there. It looks gorgeous, but it’s also usable. The

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Online freelancers rejoice – 5 great iPhone apps to help you manage your work

Online freelancing is very attractive nowadays, what with all the economic unrest and the desire to have better working conditions, and what better conditions could there be than the comfort of your home or a hotel in another country, where you can set your own work schedule and make money doing what you like or at least something that is not as hard as working in a cubicle or at a construction site.
Indeed, there are many people who lead this lifestyle, and most of them say that they

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Quick Review: CloudMagic

The best thing about our Android devices is more likely than not— they help us to be as productive as we can be. This includes being able to store an infinite amount of emails, contact information, documents and for some of us— even our tweets. Now as much information we save onto our phones, we sometimes forget where that information is, when we created or viewed the information, who the information came from and so on. There’s an interesting app out there called CloudMagic which aims

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Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Hybrid – bridging ultraslim design, high performance and long battery life

Lenovo has finally got to the Ultrabooks niche, and their new ThinkPads look pretty awesome. They’ve got a model for everyone, from consumers and budget conscious businesses that want an affordable yet functional and reliable laptop to business professionals who need the best hardware in a vry portable form factor.
The two most interesting Ultrabooks from Lenovo are the ThinkPad T430u and the ThinkPad X1 Hybrid, with the latter being the most unique of the two. The X1 Hybrid is practically a

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Resize and Convert Images in an Instant

Sometimes, when working with image files, you need to change their size or format. For these simple tasks, you can use Image Tool, an application that also brings a useful feature in the form of clipboard image copy.Whether you're a web designer or a home user, you've surely had to convert image files at least once. Since there are a lot of options out there, what could possibly convince you to choose, say, Image Tool?For starters, this application tries to be a little different than your

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Suasana Galungan Beberapa Pura di Jembrana

Beberapa hari yang lalu, tepatnya tanggal 1 Februari 2012, merupakan sebuah hari yang suci bagi umat Hindu. Ya, pada hari itu merupakan hari raya Galungan yang datang setiap 6 bulan sekali. Dan berikut ini adalah suasana perayaan hari raya Galungan beberapa Pura yang ada di Jembrana. Silahkan di lihat

Pura Pan Balang Tamak

Pura Pan Balang Tamak

Pura Pan Balang Tamak

Pura Polres Jembrana

Pura Jagatnatha

Pura Jagatnatha

Pura Dalem Pendem

Pura Desa Pendem

Pura Desa

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Google Wallet Hacked… Again, This Time No Root Needed

Google Wallet is in the news again and not for the right reasons. We just saw earlier how a hack was revealed for rooted phones using Google Wallet. While Google issued an immediate response on the initial findings, mobile blog TheSmartphoneChamp discovered and posted a second way of hacking into Google Wallet— this time highlighting the newfound hack will work on non-rooted phones and doesn’t even need special hacking skills. Basically all individuals have to do to access a user’s

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga vs Asus Transformer Prime 700 series – two completely different yet still similar beasts

We’ve seen quite a few great devices at CES 2012, but one of the most active areas was the tablet niche: there were a lot of new tablets, most of them running Android, some of them running Windows, and some running a special version of Linux.
The first two operating systems are more interesting though, and the most advanced tablets that represented each of them were the Asus Transformer Prime 700 series for Android and the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga for Windows. Granted, these two tablet/laptop

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Panasonic ToughPad A1 vs Pantech Element – is Panasonic’s extra ruggedness worth it?

There are a lot of tablets on the market today, but even with over two dozen different low-, mid- and high end models, there’s one niche that hasn’t been getting much attention from the manufacturers – rugged devices. Sure, there have been several announcements of rugged tablets, but none of them became a reality in the end.
However, this year we’re finally going to see a couple of rugged Android tablets hit the market – the Pantech Element and the Panasonic ToughPad A1. These two

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CM9 Developers Give Update On Progress Of ROM

Let’s face it, we love our CM9 ROMs and want to keep abreast of the latest news regarding any developments or updates, right? That’s why the developers of the great ROM wanted to give the masses a status and progress update on where the ROM stands and its future. Among the items highlighted is how much Android 4.0 has changed from previous platforms and the various changes requires updated graphics drivers. The relevance of the need for updated graphics drivers is that the drivers are

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Motorola Atrix 4G Soak Test About To Get Underway

Well folks it looks like the Atrix 4G soak test we previously told you about is finally about to commence. Motorola has indicated the following heads up on the imminent update:

“Tomorrow after 12 Central/10 Pacific, you will receive a pop-up message on your phone that will mark the beginning of the software pre-release test.”

Of course we speculate it’s likely the 4.5.141 software update bringing Gingerbread 2.3.5 and a few other enhancements. But part of me wants to reaaaaaaaaaally

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Gadget news digest – Nikon’s future 4K point and shoot, Kuel stylus pens, Intoxicase iPhone case and more

A lot of new devices, gadgets and accessories are being announced every single day, and our Gadget Digest series will try to keep you up to date with the most interesting things. Here’s what we’ve got for you today:
Nikon is already experimenting with a 4K sensor in a compact camera
Nikon’s 1 system, an ultra-compact ILC camera that was designed completely from the grounds up, is capable of shooting 2K and 4K video already, and the company is planning on bringing the feature to a future

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Here’s My Perfect Android Smartphone, What’s Yours?

Everyone has an idea of what their perfect android phone would be. While I would say that the Galaxy Nexus running Codename: Android would be as close to a perfect Android experience yet; I have found that I am wanting and missing various aspects that other Android phones have or need. I often contemplate what that phone would be like if I had a say and while I do not have Samsung, HTC, or Motorola on speed dial I’ve decided that I will share my opinion with you. So without further

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Samsung Galaxy S Advance – a fresh design and respectable hardware make this phone great

Samsung’s Galaxy S line makes up the bulk of Android phone sales, and it has played a big role in making the company one of the Top 3 smartphone manufacturers, alongside with Nokia and Apple. The Galaxy S3 has been pretty much confirmed, and it will be officially announced and demonstrated during a special event sometime this spring, but before that happens, there’s another Galaxy S that will be released soon – the Galaxy S Advance.
Exterior Design
The Galaxy S Advance really stands out

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Quick Rant: Why I Love My Motorola Xoom Wifi Tablet And Don’t Plan On Upgrading Anytime Soon

What does a tablet mean to you? To most, it’s something that lets you have productivity on the go— emails, social communication, reading articles and e-books, etc. Of course consumers realize it’s possible to do all that with a notebook computer or netbook. However, it’s no secret that notebooks are losing in popularity because people understand in this day and age, “less is truly more”. You could have a netbook as well, but then some individuals would be graced with keys far too

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4 compact surround sound audio systems to consider for your home theater setup

When you want to get the best audio quality and the best immersion experience for movies and games, a 5.1 format audio system is practically a must. But a lot of the times, you may also be constrained by space or money and can’t afford to get a full sized system with big floor standing speakers, which usually provide the best experience. In those cases, you may want to go with a more compact audio setup.
In the past, smaller speakers meant that you get a lower quality sound or a lower volume

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Netflix UK – Is it worth £5.99 per month of your hard earned cash?

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of my stateside friends and their ability to access a seemingly endless list of film and television on demand. Being late to the party is an affliction that we British Android lovers often have to suffer (where are you Google Music!), and it’s fair to say that it was met with a great deal of excitement when Netflix UK was announced at CES in January. As an early adopter of Spotify Premium, and a long time user of Picasa web albums, I have been

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Gadget news digest – Nikon’s new semi-pro cameras, Blackberry London, Apple’s new Time Capsule and more

A lot of new products get released every single day, and if you want to stay up to date with the flow and know about the more interesting releases and announcements, this article series is for you. Here are some of the newest gadgets that are coming to the market soon or are already in stores:
Blackberry London screenshots leak ahead of schedule
The much awaited (by Blackberry fans, anyway) Blackberry London finally got a few leaked screenshots of some promotion materials, and it looks like the

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Notetaking at Its Finest

What matters here is the simple and efficient way these components are organized. It almost feels like you're using an application designed by Apple.Overall, Evernote is a pleasure to work with and its component parts are arranged in a very intuitive way.The WorksMost people start using Evernote because they need a place to index notes, ideas, lists, memos, anything that they find interesting, and so on. Basically, this is precisely what Evernote does, but it comes with a more complex

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Android 2.3 Gingerbread Running on 58% of Android Devices

Every two weeks Google releases the Android distribution numbers to the masses. The biweekly survey reports what version of Android that a device is running when it accesses the Market. Developers should note that a whopping 58 percent of devices are now running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. This is especially important in determining which software version to prioritize when creating or updating applications. Android 3.0 Honeycomb is currently at 3.4 percent, and Android 4.0 Ice Cream

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Lenovo IdeaPad U310 and U410 consumer Ultrabooks – a decent array of features for a great price

Lenovo has started the year being very active, having announced and demonstrated several tablets, phones and a whole lot of laptops, including Ultrabooks. Alongside the professional ThinkPad Ultrabooks they had at CES 2012, they also announced a couple of consumer level models for those who want a stylish and durable ultraportable but can’t afford the price of the current crop of laptops.
Budget Ultrabooks with a unibody finish
The IdeaPad U310 and U410 are here to fulfill that niche, and it

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Create Your Own Greeting Cards

The means are concentrated along two concepts: first, you get to include as many images as you like, and secondly, you can play with the predefined templates and clipart elements to reach the perfect design for each event.The LooksThe latest iGreetingCard version includes multitasking capabilities, which means that you can work on several projects at the same time. As a result, each new window is considered to be a new project, and you are immediately prompted to choose one of the available

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bamboo ADzero Phone Gives the Word Gorgeous a Whole New Meaning

With the over abundance of Android smartphones in some variation of white, black or gray out there it may be hard for an Android manufacturer to distinguish their phones amongst the crowd. One might have to go to extraordinary heights in order to achieve uniqueness. Enter the ADzero concept phone. It’s an Android smartphone made out of bamboo and was created by 23 year-old Middlesex University student Kieron-Scott Woodhouse.
As of right now there are no details on the hardware that’s

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Toshiba Excite X10 tablet – ultra slim, sturdy and very attractive

Toshiba’s foray into the tablet market wasn’t as successful as some people thought it would be, with the Thrive failing pretty hard, even though it had a lot of great features (like a full size USB and an SD card reader). The reason for the failure was mostly the marketing – or more precisely, the lack of it – Toshiba really didn’t advertise the Thrive a lot, and it kind of surprised everyone when they started seeing it on sale in stores (that says a lot about the competence of the

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